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Introduction of
Fukuoka-Chuo BranchIn addition to offering administrative procedures,
we contribute to our communities.

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Ryo TOMITA, General Manager of Fukuoka-Chuo Branch

Ryo TOMITA, General Manager of Fukuoka-Chuo Branch

【At the Fukuoka Castle/Korokan Festival】

Thank you very much for visiting the website of Fukuoka-Chuo Branch of Fukuoka Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association.

It has been 5 years and 10 months since I was appointed as the General Manager of Fukuoka-Chuo Branch. We offer our services in Chuo-ku of Fukuoka-shi. The city has shown remarkable growth with a population which has been increasing to the top in terms of number and rate among the designated large cities in Japan.

The number of members who belong to the branch has also increased along with the city’s development. Now we have over 200 members and they handle a wide variety of duties.

In order to adjust ourselves to new service demands, we organize various trainings for our members to develop their abilities.

Furthermore, the Fukuoka-Chuo Branch is engaged in many programs by collaborating with external organizations.

In our original administrative service fields, we dispatch our Gyoseishoshi members to Startup Café Fukuoka City as consultants and support One-Stop Center for starting a business, where entrepreneurs can take all the necessary procedures to establish for incorporation at a single time.

Fukuoka City, which is designated as “a National Strategic Special Zone for Global Startups & Job Creation”, supports startup activities of international companies and entrepreneurs who are trying to operate businesses in Fukuoka.

As our office is located in a commercial area, many of our members have broad experience in business startup procedures or residence permission of foreigners. We would like to cooperate with the city’s activities.

In addition to the above, we collaborate with the Legal Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Businesses of the Fukuoka Law Association, and we try to enhance the quality of our support.

We recently launched a new project, in which we support Oyafuko-dori Shopping Street Cooperative Union (former Oyafuko-dori Shopping Street Shop Owners Association) at the request of Chuo-ward of Fukuoka City. Specifically, we have joined in the cooperative establishment, consultation for co-op members, meetings, and dispatched our professionals to their secretariat to revitalize the shopping street in our community.

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, we work with the Business Grants Application Support Center, which was uniquely established by Fukuoka City as an emergency economic assistance initiative, to help business operators in the city. We send our capable Gyoseishoshi lawyers to the Center as professional consulting supporters. Fukuoka City gives grants for a part (four-fifths) of the fees required as the cost of Gyoseishoshi service for application of such grants. For details, click “For Business Owners suffering from COVID-19” on the main page of our website.

We do not want to be just “a community lawyer”, a traditional catch line for us, but to be even more than that. Therefore, we conduct various activities so that people in our communities feel familiar with us.

For example, we join in the “One-Citizen-One-Flower” project organized by the city, the “Fukuoka Castle/Korokan Festival” jointly organized by Chuo-ward of Fukuoka City (sponsorship as well), and the “Fukuoka City Chuo-ward Flowerbed Creation Initiative”.

In addition to devoting ourselves to Gyoseishoshi duties as individuals, we aim to grow with communities to be “a community infrastructure” as a team through Fukuoka City/Chuo-ward municipal administrations and to play a role in creating its future.

And we are determined to continue working and growing closer to the people in our communities to support them as much as possible. We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Our Activities

Here are the activities we are engaged in in addition to professional Gyoseishoshi services!

Startup Café

Expanding the startup
base of the city!

We send our Gyoseishoshi members as volunteers once a week for consultation for people who want to start or have started a new business at Startup Café located in the former Daimyo Elementary School managed by Fukuoka City.

This service has established a good reputation from users and officials because people can have consultation from many professionals multiple times free of charge.

Startup Café

The flowerbed in front of the main entrance of Fukuoka City Office

Recognized by the Mayor of Fukuoka City!


The Mayor of Fukuoka City recognized our activities including sponsorship of flowerbed management in front of the Fukuoka City Office main entrance for our understanding and contribution to the city’s greenery projects.

The flowerbed in front of the main entrance of Fukuoka City Office

Fukuoka Castle/Korokan Festival

Support of Fukuoka Castle/Korokan Festival management

In “Fukuoka Castle/Korokan Festival”, which originally began as a citizens festival around the old castle town, we marched through the city dressed as Kuroda’s 25 armored samurai (the ancient lord family of Fukuoka City) in the samurai procession with the mayor.

We recieved cheers from citizens and tourists.
We help with management of the festival through joining in the executive committee, traffic control, and so on.

Fukuoka Castle/Korokan Festival

Kin-maru Day

Exchange with communities
and local businesses

Every year, we participate in “Kin-maru” Day, providing workers with opportunities to easily take part in volunteering, held by the Fukuoka City Council of Social Welfare.

Whenever we join in, the day becomes a very meaningful time to interact with people of our communities and local businesses.

Kin-maru Day

Flowerbed Creation Initiative

Enjoyable seasonal event
to take care of our flowerbed

We have sponsored the “Flowerbed Creation Initiative”, which is promoted by Fukuoka City Chuo Ward Office, for more than 10 years.

Transplantation of our flowerbed, performed 3 times a year, is one of the seasonal events our members are looking forward to.

Flowerbed Creation Initiative

COVID-19 Pandemic Support

Dispatch of consultants for business operators support initiatives of Fukuoka City

We recommended some Gyoseishoshi lawyers from our branch to the Fukuoka City Initiative and send 2 such certified members to support consultations.

We give advice in various areas. Our responses to wide-ranging troubles as a team receive high evaluations.

COVID-19 Pandemic Support

Partnership with Fukuoka Bar Association

Collaboration with Legal Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Businesses of Fukuoka Law Association

Fukuoka Bar Association and Fukuoka Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association exchanged memorandums on supporting startups in Fukuoka City, and the service is offered by the Legal Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Businesses of Fukuoka Law Association with us.

From the mutual referral to others’ consultation services at Fukuoka Startup Cafe on the free consultation service day on Thursdays to trainings, we provide our members with opportunities for information sharing around business establishment and interaction.

Collaboration with Legal Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Businesses of Fukuoka Law Association

Sponsorship of
Gekkasai Festival

From support to participation

In the Gekkasai Festival, community people of all ages enjoy the parade of portable shrines, hono (dedicating) shinji, and stage performances. It attracts more and more people every year as part of the autumn charm, and we also prepare to support and join in the festival under collaboration with Fukuoka City Chuo-ward.

Sponsorship of Gekkasai Festival

Cooperation with Oyafuko-dori Shopping Street Cooperative Union

New efforts to revitalize shopping streets

Per the request of Fukuoka City Chuo-ward, our Branch General Manager became an advisor of the union. We participate in meetings of a local development association of the shopping street union and Oyafuko-dori area, and we recommend our people to help preparation of the union establishment and its secretariat.

We contribute to revitalizing the local economy through the union.

Cooperation with Oyafuko-dori Shopping Street Cooperative Union

Ads on EDB at the Chuo-ward Office entrance

Offering efficient search of our Gyoseishoshi Lawyers at Chuo-ward Office

We post the banners to our website on the electronic display board installed at the entrance of Chuo-ward Office so that Gyoseishoshi search or referral are easily available for the Chuo-ward citizens who have troubles in applications at the ward office.

Ads on EDB at the Chuo-ward Office entrance

Collaboration with Fukuoka City One-Stop Center for starting a business

Organizing startup seminars

We hosted a startup seminar in order to increase the number of visitors to the center, inviting Fukuoka City, Japan Finance Corporation, an executive concierge of Startup Café, and a Gyoseishoshi concierge as panelists.

Collaboration with Fukuoka City One-Stop Center for starting a business


Branch General Manager Ryo TOMITA
Deputy Branch General Manager Yoshifumi WADA  Daisuke SHIGAKI  
Yonehiro TSUDA
Directors Yuri Murakami  
Kinuyo MURATA  Satoshi SUGAMA  
Hirohito NAGAE  Chieko NAKASHIMA  
Auditors Kazuo INOUE  Yoshio BAN

Successive Branch General Managers

*After reorganization from Fukuoka Branch in 1981

1981-1993 Hitoshi USHIJIMA
1993-1995 Jinya OHO
1995-1997 Isao SATO
1997-1999 Keisuke BAN
1999-2001 Junichi KAI
2001-2003 Kousuke MORI
2003-2013 Nobuharu YAMASHITA
2013- Ryo TOMITA


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